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Responsible gambling takes very serously safear gambling and wants to encourage evryone to stay in control and within their limits.

According the Gambling Commission, “Safe gambling comes from an industry that takes care of its customers, customers who are empowered with the knowledge to manage their gambling and a regulator that ensures the consumer is at the heart of everything we do.” 

We do promote hgambling through our tipping service but we are also aweare of the many risks that are associated with gambling as weel as organization where to seek help if help is indeed required.

Gambling is a hobby, something to be enjoyed recreationally as a pasttime, and definately not a way to make a living and/or support your family.

Every personal sistaution is deifferent but the signs of uncontrolled and erratic gambling are similar.

If you feel you have a prolem with gambling, or dont seem to be able to control your spending, ask yourself the followig questions:

  1. Do you gamble because you are bored with life?
  2. Do you tend to neglect school or work to gamble?
  3. Have you got a limit on your spending or do you gamble until you run out of money?
  4. Do you tend to lie about the amount of money you have gambled with?
  5. Are you receiving any criticism from friends and family about your gambling habit?
  6. Have you ever stolen or borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  7. Have you lost interest in friends, relatives, family and other hobbies?
  8. If you lose a bet, do you tend to get very upset and chase your losses in order to recover?
  9. Do you ever feel anxious or depressed because of your gambling?

If you want to understand more about gambling addiction and you think that you might have a problem, take this test on the GambleAware website

Remember, gambling is just a game and you must follow the following simple steps to ensure a safe and pleasurable gambling experience.

  1. Gamble only money you can afford to lose – money you set aside for entertainment
  2. Never use money you need for important things like bills or food.
  3. Don’t try to get money back by betting more and chasing losses.
  4. Set a limit on how much you are prepared to lose.
  5. Set a time limit on how much time you want to spend gambling.
  6. Never put gambling before friends or family.
  7. Gambling is fun and not a way of making money.
  8. Don’t gamble if you are angry, upset or depressed.
  9. Don’t drink or take drugs when gambling.

Check the drop down menu for all of the options if you need help and support with your gambling.