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What do we know about Syndicates?

The Oxford Dictionary tells us they are either “a group of individuals combined to form a common interest” which sounds rather good or “a committee of Syndics” which sounds slightly strange. And the proper pronunciation is sɪndɪkət.

What do we know about this Syndicate? 

We know they are a group of three individuals. Yuulo’s racing tipster, The Mandarin, is practising what he preaches by laying some of his own cash on the line. For him being right is not enough; he has to be proved right. This his stage, a place to shine amongst his friends. The Essex Boy has come along for the ride. Whatever the outcome he will be giving it large. On a losing day it could get messy. The Champ earned that name as the undisputed world heavyweight champion of “I told you so’s”. Ultimately he doesn’t believe you can ultimately win money off the bookies; and he’s put his cash on the line to prove the point.

What is this Syndicate’s Common Interest?

Wealth creation through the shrewd Use of racing knowledge! All three Syndicate members have put in two £50 notes. A starting pot then of £300 which must be bet on all of the Mandarin’s weekend and Major Festival tips. The Mandarin’s task is to preserve capital and to pony that £300 up into a much larger sum by the end of 2018.

What is the Syndicate Blog? 

To find out how The Mandarin sets about his task and for a fly on the wall account of the weekly meetings of the Syndicate our subscribers can read Yuulo’s Syndicate Blog. Have The MandarinThe Essex Boy and The Champ combined to form a common interest or is this going to turn out to be one of these strange committees of Syndics?

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