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Dear users,

the platform to which the entrust his own comments section is called Disqus: it does not require registration to the blog and gives the opportunity to comment on any post at the bottom of the page, logging in directly there via his own Disqus account or through any other account whatsoever ( Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, OpenID and others).

It gives us a big hand because

A) Each user can build his own identity and make himself recognizable and reliable for what he writes, from day to day.

B) Greatly relieves the internal traffic of the site, and thus we do not overload the server.

You no longer need to register with the WordPress blog (who already has an old account here we ask for the patience and courtesy to take advantage of the new platform with its own independent account, like all others).

For the comments, for quite some time, we have gone ahead with grandmother’s rules, but the recent growth of the Community (which gratifies us a lot and we thank you) made it necessary to use a short list of rules of etiquette (good manners, in short). “Do you moderate the comments?”, They often ask us. Yes, we will check them before approving them: we need not turn this place into a market where everyone screams and nobody listens. Here is a series of suggestions.

In this list there is no written what can and what can not be written in these pages. In this list we just want to reiterate an elementary concept, namely that the opening to comments makes more sense if the dialogue deepens, completes or even corrects the information in these pages. The comments space is not a wall, it’s not a chat, it’s not a forum.

Those who have been attending it for some time already know it; those who has just arrived, understands it in a short time. In any case, will not be held responsible for the comments of others, which does not mean “We wash our hands”. On the contrary, it means inviting a serious dialogue in which everyone takes responsibility for their own words.

  1. Try not to give the numbers and that’s it. Do as does: every prediction on the progress of a racing event, on these pages, is explicitly motivated in the light of the information available. Do the same in the comments. It does not matter to anyone to know what Paul’s bet is; it’s important to know how Paul thinks about that race, to know why he believes it will end that way.
  2. Do not ask others to validate or motivate bets for you. In other words, do not ask for assistance. Example of non-approvable comment: “Hi, guys! Here is my prediction: XYZ Horse Each way! What are you saying?”. It is also valid for those who contact us by email asking absurd favors and predictions and never find an answer: not because we are rude, but because that is not the way we run our site.
  3. No presentation messages. They do not serve, This is a blog, not a forum. And here are posts, not threads.
  4. No messages of private news, of disappointment and / or of jubilation (of the type “I won, hurray! I lost, sob! Damn XYZ Horse!”). They do not deepen the discussion: they do not serve.
  5. No links to bookmaker sites that do not have a regular license to operate in the UK. And links to sites that display banners / links linked to the aforementioned bookmakers are also prohibited.
  6. No vulgarity, no insults, no defamatory or discriminatory content, no incitement to violence.
  7. No personal data (email, telephone numbers, postal addresses, etc.).

All comments that do not follow these general guidelines will probably be modified or deleted, without adding further reasons. For the sake of the homogeneity of the contents, the off-topic comments will be trashed or moved to the appropriate topic, if there is time (never).

For the sake of our great British Language, serious typing errors will be largely corrected on the fly by a human moderator. For the sake of irony, sarcasm and all the things that make the world a better place, comments that are irrelevant or totally off topic but that go beyond a minimum threshold of humor will be published blindly.

In cases of doubt, and for everything that is not on the list, common sense is the way forward. For those without it, use the common sense of the friend and / or closest relative.

Thank you all. We love you. Admin Staff